Domestic Services

Tunbridge Wells Pressure Cleaning Co.

has been helping people to keep their homes in pristine condition since 1991. We are pleased to be able to offer a comprehensive range of domestic services to our customers, including:

  • Driveway Cleaning – Hot water and plenty of power are the keys to a deep clean, together with skilled operatives with an eye for detail. Industrial pumps powering the latest rotary cleaning heads ensure that the dirt is literally blasted off your driveway and once this stage of the cleaning process has been completed, our operatives will treat any stubborn stains that still remain with the appropriate chemicals.
  • Decking Cleaning – We use a powerful but gentle cleaning agent to remove the build-up of mould, moss and other organic matter that can spoil the appearance of your beautiful decking.
  • Stone Cleaning – Any areas of masonry around your property can be restored to their former glory by our team of experts, using brushes and various cleaning agents with great care.
  • Patio Cleaning – With our help, you can make sure that your patio is spotless this summer. Enjoy barbeques, pre-dinner cocktails or just sitting outside with a mug of tea on a sunny day, on your beautifully clean patio. We use an anti-fungicide after cleaning (as we do on driveways too) to keep your patio looking cleaner for longer.
  • Brick Cleaning – Whether you would like us to clean a small boundary wall or your entire house, we will use a combination of eco-friendly chemicals to loosen ingrained dirt and our powerful pressure washers to wash it right off your brickwork. By the time we have finished, it will look as good as new.
  • Swimming Pools – Our high pressure washers are perfect for cleaning away the years of accumulated grime that seems almost impossible to remove when you empty a swimming pool. We will also use our washers to make sure that the surrounding tiled area is gleaming before we leave.
  • Tennis Courts – We can blast the moss, weeds and dirt away from the surface of your outdoor hard courts, ensuring a more level playing surface that is a pleasure to use.
  • Paving Cleaning – We are experts at cleaning paved driveways, patios, garden perimeters and forecourts. In fact, anywhere that you have paving, we can clean it for you. Although we use high pressure washers to ensure we are able to remove the years of accumulated dirt and grime, we operate the jets at a shallow angle to minimise the risk of removing any of your jointing sand at the same time.
  • Conservatory Cleaning – If you have a beautiful glass annexe, where you can sit and enjoy fine days whatever the outside temperature, you will definitely appreciate our thorough conservatory cleaning service.
  • Garden Furniture Cleaning After a few years exposure to the British climate, even the highest quality garden furniture can start to look a little shabby. We can make your outdoor benches, chairs and tables look presentable again with our comprehensive garden furniture cleaning service.

We aim to offer a complete exterior cleaning service so that you never again have to worry about how your property looks from the outside. Call 0173 235 9945 today for further information, or to request a quotation for the services in which you are interested.



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