Pool Cleaning

We are pleased to be able to offer a first-class pool cleaning service to our customers in Tunbridge Wells and the surrounding area. Whilst we cannot drain your pool or carry out maintenance work on your pumps and filters, if it is currently standing empty we can bring our high power pressure washers to your home and use them to make sure that your pool is spotlessly clean and ready to start using again.

We have the necessary equipment and personnel to guarantee great results every time. We should point out that this service is only safe to use if you have a swimming pool constructed from plaster, concrete or exposed aggregate. Vinyl and fibreglass pools are not strong enough to withstand the water pressure generated by our machines.


Transforming Your Swimming Pool

As long as your pool is structurally sound, we should be able to restore it to pristine condition with our powerful washers and our experienced team of cleaning operatives.

1. Sweep the Floor The first thing we will do is to sweep loose dirt and debris from the pool floor. This first step can be a little laborious but skipping it is inadvisable. All that dirt swimming around in gallons of high pressure water could make a real mess of your tiling.

2. Cover Electrical Equipment We cover pump motors, heaters and any other electrical equipment to make sure that it is not damaged by our high pressure washers.

3. Wash the Pool Walls It’s time to get down to serious business now and we start by removing the dirt from your pool walls. Our powerful detergents and expert approach are enough to remove even dirt that has worked its way deep into the surface of your tiling as well as any dirt and weeds that may be present in between individual tiles. After applying detergent, we wait for it to do its work for 5 or 10 minutes before rinsing it off with a low pressure jet.

4. Algae Removal Areas affected by algae are blasted with our high pressure washers before the application of a safe chemical solution to prevent its return. Stubborn areas are scrubbed with a mixture of bleach and water, before being rinsed and treated.

5. More Power Any areas that have a heavy layer of encrusted dirt will be repeatedly washed with a high power jet until they are spotlessly clean. How long this will take depends on the severity of the staining but we have never been defeated yet!

6. Cleaning the Pool Surround Any tiled area surrounding your pool will receive similar treatment to ensure that the entire area looks as good as new again. By the time we have finished, your pool will be in great condition, ready for you to refill and invite your friends over for a dip.


Our pool cleaning service is very thorough but we recommend you consult with a professional maintenance team if you need any help filling your pool and restarting all the electrical equipment.

Pool Cleaning Tonbridge Wells